Paul and Barb Thiessen (Zapopan)

January 2011 brought activity to the construction project in Zapopan.  We were thrilled to have in hand at the end of 2010 the building permit.  Since the new year we have been able to hire a local bricklayer and his 2 sons.  They have finished plastering the main floor and the washrooms and done quite abit of the exterior wall on the second floor.  Continue reading Paul and Barb Thiessen (Zapopan)

Marcus and Alison Cain (Hermosillo)

We are looking forward to the conference here in Hermosillo from March 18-20. John Dennison, Dan Harvey and Gary Sharp will be taking up the life of David. We expect help from others as well. Our prayer is that it be a time of real blessing for God’s people. We pray, too, for safety along the roads for those that will be coming from a distance.

Two young men will be baptized at the conference, and another has expressed his desire to be baptized as well. The need of the youth among us is a real burden to us, and we pray God will preserve and use them for His glory.

Thanks for your prayers and interest,

Marcus and Alison

Doug and Kay Reid (Costa Rica)

We would like to ask for prayer for Doug´s only eye that was operated on by laser for a cataract that had him literally blind.  The doctor says it turned out perfectly and seems to be clearing up a little every day..

Also recently there was a girl of ten and her brother of twelve have professed to be saved.  May they prove it in the years to come.  This coming Lord´s day, Lord willing, there will be a baptism of a grandmother.  She has a daughter, a husband and three grand-children in the assembly.  Her son has professed, is already baptized and we trust will got on.