Mark and Brenda Bachert (Nicaragua)


There are a good number attending the Sat and Sun gospel meetings at present in el Valle. Darwin (who has undergone treatment for Cancer) is feeling pretty good and is able to attend most nights. His father Pablo attended a week ago for the first time. Don Pablo is recovering from a 25 day drinking binge. What is even sadder is that Continue reading Mark and Brenda Bachert (Nicaragua)

Kyle Wilson (Nicaragua)

We continue to value your prayers for the work in Nicaragua. We held our annual easter conference this year and once again it was a joy to see the spiritual growth amongst the assemblies in the country. We would appreciate your prayers for the work in El Valle (the Valley) as we would like to see some of the new believers obey the Lord in baptism. Pray for a gospel effort in Jalapa (5 hours north of us) starting the 3rd of June. Mark Bachert and I will be helping the small assembly there in the gospel.

David Rodgers (Chile/Canada)

We arrived in Canada this past Tuesday, and expect to be here until July 15, Lord willing. We do have requests for prayer for the work in Chile, and am thankful to be able to share them with you.
We are thankful for the advance in the building projects in Machalí and Rosario. Machalí is a rebuild and improvement of the part of the hall that fell in the earthquake. The replacement is a little larger, and two stories rather than one. That means 4 classrooms upstairs, and much better bathrooms and kitchen area on the first floor as well as a bigger kitchen, plus another classroom. We had a week of children´s meetings, with 30 children the first day, and up to 80 on the last day. Since the earthquake they had only been able to have one open class, and now with the inauguration of new classrooms, they were able to go back to the classes.
In Rosario, the Christians were hoping to move into their new building, which is the first phase of the final project. The main auditorium is yet to be built. The construction in the third area, San Fernando, is on hold for the next few months. We would ask prayer for four people associated with the work that are gravely ill with cancer. I have mentioned them before, and would like to give an update. Two are from the outreach work in San Fernando. Carla Inostroza is 13 or so, and has had cancer for several years. She seems to be some better, but the family is Catholic, and the girls haven´t been allowed to attend the last while. We were able to visit them just before coming up, and left them with copies of the last series of Sunday School lessons, and pray still for their salvation. Jeannette Donoso is also from San Fernando, and her long term cancer is somewhat better, and now they are fighting to remedy secondary effects. She is constantly spreading the gospel among others,and we pray for the salvation of her husband and children. In Rancagua, Paola Gonzalez is no doubt getting weaker, although still on chemotherapy. Roberto Jélvez, is also no expected to get better, but has responded well to the gospel, and I feel received Christ as his Saviour a couple of weeks ago.

We would appreciate your prayers for these ones, and for blessing in general during this time of our absence.

Yours in Christ, David and Ruth Ann Rodgers