Shad Kember (Obregon)

Recently, the work in Obregon got a boost from a nearly 2-week visit by Shad and Cynthia Sluiter and family and other young folks with them. They, and others of the local young people, used pop-up tents for outdoor children mtgs., sometimes as many as three per day. Dee Deblock, helped by others is continuing these twice a week, with good attendance and interest. Continue reading Shad Kember (Obregon)

Craig Saword (El Salvador)

We finished building the new hall in Guatajiagua on the 20th of November after six weeks of hard physical labor. We are thankful to the new Christians in the area, believers from the other assemblies, and a crew of ten that came from the north with Tom Letourneau to help us with this project. Dad and I started special gospel meetings in the new hall on the 8th of January. With a crew of 22 young people, from the different local assemblies, in two weeks we completely canvassed the town five different times, distributing different literature each visit. Continue reading Craig Saword (El Salvador)