David Jones (San Felipe)

November is characterized by spring like weather in Chile and is welcome as an enjoyable respite from the cold of winter. Chile is in the temperate zone and the greater part of the country experiences the four seasons of the year. Night time winter temperatures might go down to the freezing level and even below. The daytime temperatures rise but warm clothing is usually worn.

November 1st, known as the Day of the Dead, is a national holiday in the country. Starting on Oct. 31st through to Nov. 1st, thousands flock to the cemeteries remembering their dead and the cemeteries are a blaze of color as flowers are places on the gravesites. A general cleanup including painting of some of the markers reflects the religious beliefs of many that the deceased are conscious of how their resting place is maintained.

Christians in many of the assemblies take advantage of the crowds who attend to deliver tracts and many thousands were distributed this year. Some believers have had some interesting conversations with people who attend. In years gone by, I have found it relatively easy to engage people in conversation right at the gravesite for usually their hearts are tender. Just a simple question like, “is there some relatives of yours buried here?” opens the door to them telling you who the person is and sometimes the circumstances of their death. From there you can sense whether further conversation is possible or not.

Some Sunday Schools in the country prepare their end of the year programs. Children in branch works seem to become more unruly as their school year comes to an end. In December, they write exams and they look forward to their summer holiday time in January and February. School opens again in March.

Gospel meetings were recently held in Rancagua. Camilo Vásquez, a Chilean worker, spent the week of Oct.31 to Nov.6 with the Carlos Trupp assembly in Talca. In the week Nov.7-13 he expects to be with the assembly in Lota.

Starting Nov. 7th, Leo Albornoz of the Gualleco assembly is joining Pablo Seguel for a two week series of gospel meetings in Puerto Aysen. Puerto Aysen is in the southern part of Chile. Pablo and Cheryl are commended workers who live in Coyhaique and also are doing working in Puerto Cisnes.

Work has started on the repairs of the main hall in downtown Santiago located on Echaurren Street. The earthquake left it unuseable but repairable and the plans have been approved to make extensive changes. The brethren in Talca are waiting for the plans to be approved so that work can begin rebuilding the Talca Hall. The brethren in Punta Arenas are hoping to put the finishing touches on their hall since it is their turn to have the Easter Conference in Patagonia. They share the responsibility with three Argentinean assemblies located on the Atlantic coast.

Prayer Pointers.
1. Sunday School programs and the intention to contact the parents with the gospel.
2. Ministry meetings in Lota.
3. Gospel meetings in Puerto Aysen.
4. Construction work in Santiago and Talca.
5. Remaining repair work on our home in San Felipe.
6. Blessing on the tracts distributed on Nov. 1st.
7. Guidance for possible tent meetings during the summer months of Jan. and Feb.

Yours through grace,

David A. Jones