Jack Nesbitt (St. Lucia)

On Saturday 30th October Hurricane Tomas struck the island of St Lucia. High winds of 90 mph coupled with heavy rain caused much destruction. It was estimated that 2 years of rain fell in 24 hours. While there has been loss of life there has been no recorded deaths amongst those in assembly gatherings. From reports received no Gospel Halls have been damaged.

The islands south took the brunt of the storm. The towns of Vieux Fort and Soufriere were hardest hit. Indeed the only way into Soufriere since the hurricane struck has been by boat. Many roads, bridges have been severely damaged and for several days the whole island was without hydro. Hydro has been restored in some areas but many still remain without. Communication between communities is limited with phone lines also not working. The island now faces massive economic damages with the entire banana crop wiped out.

Believers associated with assemblies have lost all their produce which to most is their main source of living. Houses also have been damaged or destroyed.