John and Rebekah Nesbitt (Vera Cruz)

The following Newsletter (Veranewz) shares an update on the work in Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Veranewz  – February, 2012

It is God which worketh in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasure.
Phil. 2:13

Prayer  Requests:
.Various believers in
Cotaxtla to take the step of
.The establishment of a
testimony in Cotaxtla in
God’s time
.Couples in both works
to be united both in
salvation and spiritual
.Blessing in salvation in
the new outreach in

.God’s grace and
faithfulness from day to day
.Blessing in salvation
and the desire of others to
obey in baptism
.A couple being added
to the fellowship in VC
.God’s preserving care
physically and spiritually
over the believers in
difficult times

Veracruz, México
With much joy, baptisms were held in
the port of Veracruz and in Cotaxtla in
the month of October, 2011. In
Cotaxtla, a couple was baptized in the
Cotaxtla River with believers from
Cotaxtla and Veracruz present to witness
their step of obedience. For some from
Cotaxtla, it was their first occasion to
witness believer’s baptism. Both husband
and wife are school teachers in the area
of Cotaxtla.

They have zeal to share their faith, and
gave each family represented at their
baptism the gift of a text to hang in their
home. Believers from both places
gathered in the hall in VC a week later
to witness the baptism of two young
ladies, Leslie, the daughter of believers in
the assembly and our daughter, Moriah.
The attendance was excellent including
several young people present who had
not previously been to a gospel meeting.
Leslie and Moriah, VC hall

That same month, Juan Bello and his
wife (of the Hampton, IA assembly)
visited VC briefly for the funeral of his
sister. God graciously gave opportunity
for the gospel to be shared at the funeral
and we trust God to use His Word
spoken and bless in salvation in the
Also in October, we received a call from
Elizabeth, a lady from the city of Xalapa,
Veracruz (pronounced “Halappa”)who
was on a visit to VC port, asking to go
with us to any meeting there might be
that day, which happened to be
Cotaxtla. She told us later on, “I thought
I was saved, but I was counting on
doing my part for God to give me
salvation. Today I understood that
Christ has all ready done it ALL.”
Through the testimony of her sister who
attends meetings in Zapopan, Jalisco
(where Paul and Barb Theissen
labor), Elizabeth has been asking for
almost 2 years for someone to go to
Xalapa and teach ‘the truth’ to her
husband and her.
“I have been praying for you to
come to Xalapa to preach even when I
wasn’t saved” she said. “Imagine how
much more now I want the gospel to be
shared.” They have again offered their
home and after many months of prayer,
we plan to begin monthly visits to their
home for gospel outreach. Xalapa is
about 1 1/2 hours from Veracruz city.

A sister who began attending in VC with
her husband during gospel meetings last
January also gave testimony in baptism
to her salvation and her desire to obey
the Word of God on a Sunday evening
in November.

Marcus Cain came in December
and gave helpful and encouraging
ministry as well as help in the gospel
between both works.

In early January, believers worked
together to distribute wall calendars in
Cotaxtla and in the neighborhood
surrounding the Veracruz hall. Anna
Vallance, a young sister from the Stark
Road assembly, helped with these
distributions as well as other practical
needs during her visit at that time.
A new year seems to cause many
people to consider spiritual things and
the direction of their lives, and we
are thankful some new visitors have come to various
meetings and have heard the gospel in
both VC and Cotaxtla. We pray God
will deepen this interest and salvation
will result.

In February, Eva, who was baptized in
November, and her husband, Santiago,
took their place in the fellowship of the
assembly in VC. They both show a
sincere desire to please God in their lives
and we pray God will continue to
develop their exercise and usefulness.

We continue to be grateful to God for
His grace and kindness shown to us in
many ways. In the last Veranewz (Sept,
2011) we requested prayer for 3 older
women in Cotaxtla. One continues to
attend regularly, another now comes
more frequently, and the third has given
a clear testimony of having been saved
in April, 2011. She shows genuine
interest in learning and reading her
Bible: “I have always read the Bible like
any other book. Now I read it and it has
so much meaning for me.” To God be
the glory. We ask for continued prayer
for the other two ladies, that God will
reach them while there is time.

We are thankful for the current
decreased incidence of drug related
crimes in this region. We continue to
commend to God in prayer those in
authority in all of Mexico as they try to
manage the volatile situation that exists.

Thank you for your prayers
and interest and may God
bless you where He has placed
you in service to Him.

Learn about Veracruz:
State population: 7 million
State area: 78,815 sq. km
or 30,431 sq. miles
State coastline: 684 km
or 425 miles
Veracruz state is home to the tallest
mountain in Mexico, the ‘Pico de
Orizaba’. Rising a majestic and
commanding 18, 490 feet (5636 meters)
above sea level, it is snow capped year
round and attracts international
climbers. A dormant volcano, it is the
tallest volcanic mountain in North
America and is the third highest peak in
North Amercia, behind Mt. McKinley
and Mt. Logan. It has nine known
glaciers, it’s north side being home to
the largest glacier in Mexico.
El Pico de Orizaba
The peak is located some 70 miles (110
km) from the Gulf coast, and can be
seen at times from the port city of VC.

 Family Section:

Moriah thoroughly enjoyed a week in
December with the Seed Sowers in
Phoenix, AZ. We are thankful for the
blessing it was to her and are thrilled to
hear of the new contacts and blessing in
salvation in that area as a result of the
Seed sown.
God has been gracious to our family and
we are thankful for these months of
cooler weather and the good health we
enjoy. We are praying about possible
schooling changes for the children in the
upcoming school year and we trust God
for wisdom. We trust Him to continue
to guide us as only He can, and we are
deeply thankful for the truth of
Emmanuel~ God with us.