John Dennison (San Luis Rio Colorado)

San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico

Lord willing, there will be a Seed Sowers distribution from December 27-31 in this border city of 150,000 people.  A number of assembly believers have contacts and family members who live in SLRC including our sister Pati Lopez of Hermosillo.  Her parents and seven brothers and sisters live there and some have expressed interest in us having meetings in their community.  We have rented a hall and Lord willing plan to distribute 40,000 texts and invitations during the week of distribution.  On December 30th, we plan to begin nightly gospel meetings.  Nathan Dennison will be helping me for the first eight nights and then Dan Harvey plans to join me for the rest of the month.

We would deeply appreciate your prayers for the safety of all involved in the distribution as SLRC is a border city and, as in all places in Mexico, security is a concern.  We would ask that you pray that God will prepare hearts and homes to receive the gospel.  We would be thrilled to stand and see the Lord work in the salvation of souls and even in the eventual establishment of an assembly gathered to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  “With God, all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

Thank you for reading this post and for joining in prayer for this little work in the gospel.

Your brother because of the cross,

John Dennison