Mark Bachert

1. Please pray for the discipleship in Esteli. Around 30 young folks have dedicated 2 weeks to study the Scriptures.

2. Please pray that the 10000 calendars that have been distributed around the Gospel Hall will bring blessing to many families. It has been a good exercise of the Assembly to distribute and have a house meeting or a meeting in the park in the same area where the calendars have been distributed

3. We are looking for the Lord’s guidance as we are in the initial stages of planning a large gospel tent effort in the Bible Park downtown Managua. This will be a joint effort by 6 Assemblies within one hour of the park.

4. We are very close to having our new home finished enough to move in. We pray for the Lord’s provision for the finishing touches. We pray it might be a safe place for our children as they grow, and prove to be a blessing to the Lord’s people. After 8 months of building, we are anxious to move in!

Answers to Prayer

1. We deeply appreciate the unity and exercise of many up dedicate time each Saturday and Sunday to calendar distribution. We believe the Lord has used this exercise to encourage and strengthen the Assembly.