Paul and Barb Thiessen

1) January 1, 2020 saw us delivering the last of the  10 000 gospel calendars that were ordered for Zapopan.   Several inquiries have already been made about meeting schedules, obtain more, etc.   Please PRAY that each month the verse will speak to someone who reads it!

2) Yesterday a young lady, who received a calendar in her door, dropped by the hall asking for prayer and a visit in her home.   She wondered if a visit “tomorrow (Monday, 6th of January) would work for us and by evening she had arranged that we drop by this morning.   We went and were able to have a lengthy visit in her home.   She has many, many fears and superstitions.   She lives alone with her young son.   PRAY for Ruth – speaking with her makes us long for her salvation and freedom from fear.   She has yet to attend a meeting in the hall but we did just meet her yesterday!    GDL is full of souls like Ruth’s, people seeking answers and genuine care and concern!
3) How we long as we enter 2020 that the local believers will feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to dedicate even more of themselves to the Lord!  Nothing replaces a spirit-filled life!
4)  Tuesday, December 31, 2019, became a gospel meeting rather then the usual Bible reading.   Why?   Because many, as they have done all their lives,  take the opportunity to attend a religious service.    What better opportunity?!   There were about 35 people in the hall on the 31st to listen to the gospel message!   Many of these folk would be parents and family members of Sunday school students.