Paul and Barb Thiessen (Zapopan)

Last night a baptism was held in the hall, which was full to almost overflowing.  Three people were baptized, a couple who have been in contact with the gospel for years and then Cecilia Manzano de Nehme who has been attending the meetings at the hall for about a year.  She had professed to be saved and was baptized with another group but after attending the Sunday night gospel meetings and hearing the gospel preached for several months, she realized that this was not something that she possessed,  nor had she ever!

Please pray for Cecilia’s family.  Her husband and three adult children were all in attendance last night as well as two friends.  About a month ago her sister, from Xalapa, Veracruz was out for a family wedding and attended the meeting.  John and Rebekah Nesbitt have visited with Cecilia’s sister and brother-in-law in Veracruz.  PRAY for the family…not only her immediate family here in GDL, who were in the hall but really have no interest but also for her extended family as well.

We have also been having a two week series on the FAMILY and Alma Inzunza, a believer and friend of some of the folk in fellowship here, has been attending with her unsaved husband.  They were at the gospel meeting last night and he seems to be quite interested.  Alma has been saved for about 12 years but her husband has never shown any interest at all.  She can almost not believe how he asks to attend the studies and it was his desire (hers too but he suggested) that they attend the baptism last night.  Fausto’s first and foremost need just now is salvation.