Paul & Barb Thiessen

1. Two thousand tracts continue to be printed monthly in full colour. They are given out in the area surrounding the hall. We received a call last week from a woman who received a tract at her home and hopes to attend Sunday school with her son. PRAY for this new contact and her son!

2. The difficult decision has been made to suspend the weekly open air work in Lomas de la Centinela where a number of children are pick up for Sunday school. Even in the poorest of areas circumstances advance and there simply is not the foot traffic and simple stay at home lifestyle in that area that there has been in the past. We hope to continue a tract distribution in that area on a regular basis. PRAY that the folk from this area will continue to meditate on the messages that they have heard over the last several years.

3. Last night there were 65 in the hall for the gospel meeting. At least 80% of the attendees would not be believers and some have never been in the hall before. Many attended as we celebrated in a small way the 50th wedding anniversary of a couple here. Pray for those who heard the gospel for the first time!

4. Pray for the believers that form the assembly in Zapopan. It is easy to become discouraged or simply “allow the circumstances of life” get in the way of assembly life and fellowship. There are several young people and university students in the assembly