Paul & Barb Thiessen

1) Yesterday was the first Sunday of formal classes in Sunday school. We were pleased with a good number coming once again and trust that the Lord will bless in salvation this year. Some of the kids are reaching young teens and will not be staying around too long.

2) The Sunday night gospel meeting often has about 40 people in attendance. At least 1/2 of that number are people from the area around the hall and most do not profess to be saved.

3) Commitment to the assembly meetings and outreaches by the believers can be difficult at times. Many have home and family situations that are less then favourable and this can really affect their consistency detrimental way.

4) Our monthly tract distribution reaches some 2000 homes around the hall. This Sunday a neighbor lady came in for the first time. We pray that she will be saved and that others will begin to come.