Shad Sluiter (Postville)

Visiting in the town of Postville is going well. Postville, Iowa, is a small town in northeast Iowa where there are many ethnic groups including Hispanics. The assembly in Garnavillo has been working here for 10 years. Cynthia, Cameron, Christy and I have been living here for 15 months.

There are seven families who now come to meetings on a regular basis who profess to be saved. A large number of ladies come whose husbands aren’t saved. There are also five single Guatemalan men who regularly come who’s families are still in Guatemala. In recent months Sunday evening we have about 20 teens at our house after the night meeting. A campfire and backyard games are fun for them and provide a good motivation to come to meeting. Last Friday night we had good attendance at the meeting with over 60 attendance and another 15 or so in the baby/toddler room (may Cynthia be rewarded richly for her patience in there).

During the week, we have five regular Bible studies in several homes as well as two youth group Bible studies at our house – middle school students after school and high school students during lunch.

Ron Wahls is finishing off a room so that Cynthia will get a bigger classroom in the basement of the hall. Her little room is jammed with 15 or more kids.

A man named Mario professed to be saved two weeks ago. His wife was saved three years ago. A young boy named Eric was saved two weeks ago. He is a Sunday school student.

Another man named Francisco professed to be saved a year ago, but continued to struggle with drinking and neglect for his family. A domestic abuse problem put him in jail where he appears to have had a change of heart. After getting out of jail, he has re-dedicated himself to Ana and his children. They plan to be married and then baptized soon. He has also resumed coming to meetings.

I plan to go to West Liberty for two weeks in November for some visiting and meetings. West Liberty is similar to Postville – turkey processing plant, 50% Hispanic population, small town. Ryan Hayes has a bunch of families that I have met on previous trips who will be good visits or Bible studies.