Shad Sluiter (West Liberty, IA)

In November, I visited West Liberty, Iowa, where Ryan and Christiana Hayes live and work. About 50% of this small town is Hispanic. West Liberty is a one hour drive from the assembly in Marion.

Ryan is a school teacher in West Liberty Middle School. The school system has a bi-lingual program where 50% of the day is conducted in Spanish and 50% in English. Ryan teaches social studies classes in Spanish.

We had two weeks of meetings for children in the community center building. 25 to 30 young people and as many as 10 parents were at the meetings. During the day, I had Bible studies with people who come to the regular weekend Bible studies. Ryan and Christina conduct Sunday school classes for children on Sunday afternoon and adult Bible studies later in the evening.

Please pray for Ryan and Christina to be encouraged in their work and remember them as a place to visit if you are passing through.

Shad Sluiter
Postville, Iowa