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Marcus Cain (Hermosillo)

God willing, children’s meetings commence in Hermosillo on July 30 and continue until August 3. Edgar Roseyon from Puerto Vallarta will be with us for the week. In the mornings there will be a class in the outreach work in Tirocapes and in the evenings in the regular hall. We pray for new contacts in both areas.



Eleonor Mosquera – Hermosillo, Obregon, Tirocapes, El Barril

Eleonor shared an update newsletter. The text is below.

There are specific prayer requests at the end of the newsletter. Please keep the work in Mexico in your prayers!


The assembly in Hermosillo held
their fourth Bible conference from
March 16 to 18. Continue reading Eleonor Mosquera – Hermosillo, Obregon, Tirocapes, El Barril

Shad Kember (Iguala)

Hi all,

Abisai Vieyra from the assembly in Hermosillo very kindly made the sacrifice to come with me this visit (Apr 4 – 10), the fifth since last Nov. He proved to be a huge help. Great to have someone who knows the language, culture, etc. as well as how to present the gospel or teaching to new believers. He has a similar Pentecostal background to some of these, so he understands their issues. He was a help in getting a more reasonable priced hotel, tracking down a suitable apartment, as well as helping in the two house mtgs each night, and the many visits. Continue reading Shad Kember (Iguala)