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John and Joanne Clingen (Yuma, AZ)

Prayer Requests:

1 Pray for the assembly in Masaya Nicaragua that we have recently left. They have a burden to visit the neighbourhood around the hall with the gospel and have been doing that on Saturday afternoons.

2 Pray for the seed sower distribution to take place here in Yuma AZ in December

3 Pray for the Spanish gospel series to follow starting Jan 1st with John Dennison and I. Dan Harvey who also lives in Yuma will be helping as well.


Answers to Prayer:

We were encouraged with the steady growth seen in the believers in the assembly in Masaya, when we were there visiting in October

Eleonor Mosquera – Hermosillo, Obregon, Tirocapes, El Barril

Eleonor shared an update newsletter. The text is below.

There are specific prayer requests at the end of the newsletter. Please keep the work in Mexico in your prayers!


The assembly in Hermosillo held
their fourth Bible conference from
March 16 to 18. Continue reading Eleonor Mosquera – Hermosillo, Obregon, Tirocapes, El Barril

John Dennison (Phoenix)

Phoenix, Arizona:

The West Phoenix Spanish assembly and the Sunnyslope English assembly are joining together to plan a Seed Sowers distribution December 26-31. Sunnyslope has purchased a new hall located five miles from the West Phoenix hall. We are preparing 100,000 packages with both English and Spanish texts and invitations. Continue reading John Dennison (Phoenix)

John Dennison (San Luis Rio Colorado)

San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico:

We are thankful for a core group of believers who attend faithfully and have a keen interest in the Scriptures and in sharing the gospel. We are also thankful for the approval of visas for Dan and Joan Harvey. They are living in Yuma, AZ so their children can get the education they need and they drive 25 minutes to SLRC for each meetin Continue reading John Dennison (San Luis Rio Colorado)

Marcus and Alison Cain (Hermosillo)

We are looking forward to the conference here in Hermosillo from March 18-20. John Dennison, Dan Harvey and Gary Sharp will be taking up the life of David. We expect help from others as well. Our prayer is that it be a time of real blessing for God’s people. We pray, too, for safety along the roads for those that will be coming from a distance.

Two young men will be baptized at the conference, and another has expressed his desire to be baptized as well. The need of the youth among us is a real burden to us, and we pray God will preserve and use them for His glory.

Thanks for your prayers and interest,

Marcus and Alison

John Dennison and Dan Harvey (San Luis Rio Colorado)

We are now half way through the third week of meetings and have clearly enjoyed God’s kindness to us.  We have had over 50 adults in to hear the gospel and continue to get new folks in each night.  We have a core group that comes regularly with some not missing  a night which is likely even more important.
Continue reading John Dennison and Dan Harvey (San Luis Rio Colorado)