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Paul and Barb Thiessen

1) The assembly that is to be formed and break bread in Xalpapa, VC on April 12, 2015.  Timothy and Jenna Stevenson, from Northern Ireland live and work there but John and Rebekah Nesbitt have been involved in that work from the ground up too.

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John and Rebekah Nesbitt (Vera Cruz)

The following Newsletter (Veranewz) shares an update on the work in Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Veranewz  – February, 2012

It is God which worketh in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasure.
Phil. 2:13

Prayer  Requests:
.Various believers in
Cotaxtla to take the step of
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John Nesbitt (Vera Cruz/Cotaxtla)

God is gracious and we are deeply thankful for His continued blessing in the beautiful, tropical state of Veracruz. On March 26, believers from Veracruz and Cotaxtla worked together to distribute John 3:16 texts with an invitation to a 2 week gospel series to be held in the Rancher?s Association building of Cotaxtla. Continue reading John Nesbitt (Vera Cruz/Cotaxtla)

John Nesbitt (Vera Cruz and Cotaxtla)

Just a short update……The christians in Cotaxtla nad Veracruz are grateful for the prayers and support of fellow believers across Mexico and the US etc…

The town of Cotaxtla is doing better. Most of the mud is cleaned out of homes and shops. The garbage is cleaned off the streets. They have dropped whitelime powder (lime?) on the streets to help ‘prevent infection’. President Felipe Calderon was here on Friday . The following is a link to his speech while he was in Cotaxtla.

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