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Mark Bachert (El Valle de la Laguna de Apoyo)

Kyle Wilson and I are into our second week of gospel in El Valle de la Laguna de Apoyo, the little assembly is just over four years old and there are 16 in fellowship. We are very encouraged that it seems that our merciful God is speaking to some at this time. Last night I counted over 40 unsaved young folks / adults present. Many parents / children / brothers / sisters of the believers. Continue reading Mark Bachert (El Valle de la Laguna de Apoyo)

Mark and Brenda Bachert (Nicaragua)


There are a good number attending the Sat and Sun gospel meetings at present in el Valle. Darwin (who has undergone treatment for Cancer) is feeling pretty good and is able to attend most nights. His father Pablo attended a week ago for the first time. Don Pablo is recovering from a 25 day drinking binge. What is even sadder is that Continue reading Mark and Brenda Bachert (Nicaragua)