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Urgent Prayer Requests: Harry Rodriguez

This is a urgent request to pray for the situation in Venezuela. The regime has been kidnapping adolescent to torture them as a way to threaten people to desist to support the new president. Families are hiding in their houses with their kids in terror.
Also pray for Rebekah Nesbitt. She has been having very bad back pain for days and even though she tries her best to show a nice face, I can see she is suffering a lot. She can’t do much around the house. She has seen the doctor but I don’t see much improvement. You know her, she does not want to worry anybody…. I realize the situation, because I am here with them right now.

Paul and Barb Thiessen

1) The assembly that is to be formed and break bread in Xalpapa, VC on April 12, 2015.  Timothy and Jenna Stevenson, from Northern Ireland live and work there but John and Rebekah Nesbitt have been involved in that work from the ground up too.

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John and Rebekah Nesbitt (Vera Cruz)

The following Newsletter (Veranewz) shares an update on the work in Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Veranewz  – February, 2012

It is God which worketh in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasure.
Phil. 2:13

Prayer  Requests:
.Various believers in
Cotaxtla to take the step of
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From John and Rebekah Nesbitt (Veracruz)

Just a quick note to let you know about the status of Hurricane Karl as we understand it. It is expected to affect the gulf coast from the city of Veracruz on northward about 150 miles. Based on its travel speed, it should make landfall sometime tomorrow (Fri) afternoon. It is a category 2, with about 100 mph winds now, but it is over the gulf and may gain speed before landfall. Continue reading From John and Rebekah Nesbitt (Veracruz)