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Dan Harvey

1. Pray for the believers in San Luís Río Colorado who work so hard, and struggle to get through the demands of work schedules that make both family and spiritual life challenging.
2. Pray for opportunities for gospel outreach that can be reasonably undertaken without overloading local believers who are already working with excessively burdensome schedules.
3. Pray for the continued growth and development of the believers that they might enjoy the beauty of Christian Community, and fulfill their role in the local group as they serve each other and live life together.
4. Pray with us as we look at the possibility of finding another more suitable location, either to rent, buy, or perhaps build. We are in the same location now these past 6 years almost, and are in need of slightly more space. Also, we would ideally not only source a meeting place for the saints, but a location that could also be used to help local believers get started in a small business of some type that they might gain independence of their time, thus enabling them to be of greater service to the saints.
5. Pray for the growing group of believers in Westmorland, CA as they continue to grow, meet together, and think about the path forward.

Mark Bachert

1. While I was traveling to Stark road (Detroit, MI) for the conference weekend I am fully convinced that one conversation I had with a Devout Muslim young woman was of the Lord. Continue reading Mark Bachert

Mark & Brenda Bachert

Prayer Requests:

1. Emotional Maturity of some young men and women in the Assembly who come from troubled familial backgrounds. Please pray for emotional Healing. 3 young men and 2 young women in particular

2. Sharla Martinez has her last chemo treatment on Thursday. She is an active part of the Assembly together with her husband Carlos. They have 4 children. Pray for her total Healing.

3. Spiritual growth and maturity of the saints. We will be away from Managua for 8 weeks this summer. It’s a great opportunity for the believers to step up and collaborate. Pray for a sincere willingness to assist and peace to prevail.

4. We are actively looking for land to purchase for a future Gospel Hall – or a suitable building to purchase. Rent is very expensive and is a huge financial burden. A future purchase / building will be several hundred thousand dollars since we are in the Capital City that is prospering. A separate savings account has been opened with twenty thousand dollars. We look of the Lord to multiply this account. Pray for the Lord’s mind to be known in all things.

Answers to Prayer:

1. We thank the Lord for Raul who has professed faith in Christ recently. His daughter is part of the fellowship here. Within a week of professing faith, he was determined to marry the lady he has lived with for twenty years. They were happily married and both desire baptism. We are still excited about what God has done and is doing in this family.

2. Eli also professed to be saved recently. It was a big step for him to realize that he was lost, and he seems to be very content now. We’ve seen a change in his life. His wife Carolina still doesn’t recognize her lost condition. Please pray.