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From Dan Harvey #2 (Chihuahua)

Schools are now open, and have been so for the past week, but there are still several active cases in the city.  The economic impact seems to be the worst, as things just about shut down during the period indicated by the government.  We feel quite fine with everything and feel no risk … but that is mostly personality I would say!  Our big focus right now leading up to our departure date for Pachuca, Hidalgo is the completion of the new hall.  For that, we would value your prayer.


The Current Plan

As the news about the recent outbreak of H1N1 virus continues to come out, there is an ongoing concern for those that labor in Mexico. It appears that the recent outbreak was not as bad in the United States as in other countries. Additionally, the flu was not as strong as it originally appeared. With that being said, there is a continuing concern about what happens next. Continue reading The Current Plan