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Tim Woodford

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for Joseph Turkington, from Venezuela, currently receiving treatment in Tijuana, for serious cancer. He has responded well, thus far.

2. We are planning a mini conference here in October. Brother Carl Knott from Spain, will be giving a number of sessions on the “minor” prophets. Pray we will be encouraged in our study of these white page areas of our Bibles!

3. Please pray for new converts, and the radical changes they need to make in their lives for Christ, in the face of past habits, and present temptations.

4. Lord willing, we hope to host a large scale Seed Sowers distribution in Hermosillo at the end of the year. Prayers are requested for blessing and safety in this effort, and in subsequent gospel meetings.

Answers to Prayer

1. We are thankful for several recent baptisms, and additions to the assembly here, by God’s grace

Tim Woodford

1. Please pray for the Chihuahua conference this weekend: for the blessing of the assembly there, for safety in travel, and God’s rich blessing on His Word over the weekend, and edifying and encouraging fellowship between believers.
2. A 5-day series of teaching sessions by Dr. A.J. Higgins in October on believers and our relationships with others.
3. A couple of families in the assembly with struggles currently, related to medical illness and/or behavioral challenges with older children.
4. Several weekly gospel outreaches carried on by the believers in the city here.