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Tim Woodford

1. Please pray for the Chihuahua conference this weekend: for the blessing of the assembly there, for safety in travel, and God’s rich blessing on His Word over the weekend, and edifying and encouraging fellowship between believers.
2. A 5-day series of teaching sessions by Dr. A.J. Higgins in October on believers and our relationships with others.
3. A couple of families in the assembly with struggles currently, related to medical illness and/or behavioral challenges with older children.
4. Several weekly gospel outreaches carried on by the believers in the city here.

Mark Bachert

1. While I was traveling to Stark road (Detroit, MI) for the conference weekend I am fully convinced that one conversation I had with a Devout Muslim young woman was of the Lord. Continue reading Mark Bachert

David Rodgers

1. For fruit and guidance in the outreach work in San Fernando. a)pending construction plans for building permit b) possibility of special gospel meetings with Pablo Seguel at end of November. Continue reading David Rodgers