Timothy and Rhoda Sloan

1. Check out the Lutsk Orphanage Information and the new web site: www.opendoorlutsk.com.

2. We have just had our 15th conference/camp. Over an 8 day period we had 8 ministry meetings, 5 children’s meetings and 2 Gospel meetings. The children’s meetings in the local village were very well attended with 152 children on the last evening and 48 adults. At present we know of 3 teenagers who have expressed an interest in salvation.
3. Do pray for our weekly street stand in Lutsk. This gives us an opportunity to meet and speak with people and present the Gospel to them. We give out hundreds of Gospel Tracts, Carrier bags with John 3:16 as well as New Testaments.

4. Every week we would have quite a number of unsaved in under the sound of the Gospel. Some have sat unmoved for years and we long for Gods hand in seeing them saved.

Yours in Christ

Timothy & Rhoda