Timothy & Rhoda Sloan

1. Renovation work to the orphanage. Latest news can be read at www.opendoorlutsk.com. You can download the article each month on the 1st page found under the wording “There is no place like home”.
2. We have just taken delivery of 37,000 calendars. Shortly as an assembly we will be distributing them along with Gospel tracts on the streets of Lutsk and around the apartment blocks in our locality.
3. We would appreciate prayer for Inna. Inna has been in the assembly since 2002 and is very faithful in her work among the boys and girls. She has cancer, needs a hysterectomy, has a blood pressure problem of 220 over 140 and a problem with kidney stones. She urgently needs hospital operations. Rhoda and I have promised to pay for all of this work!
4. We have 10 teenagers (boys and girls) who attend UCC and Sunday school. Very often they attend all of the assembly meetings on a Lords day. We would love to see them saved. Pray for their salvation.
Rhoda and I as well as the assembly in Lutsk appreciate the prayers of the Lord’s people.
Yours in Christ,
Timothy and Rhoda