Timothy & Rhoda Sloan (Ukraine)

1. Ukraine. Every day brings a new tragedy in the east where Russia is sponsoring the terrorists. Heavy weaponry is being brought in across the Russian/Ukrainian border and being used by Russians, Chechens and Ukrainians against the government in Kiev. Just last Saturday 49 service men where killed when a Ukrainian jet was brought down. There is sadness in many homes.

2. Just today Russia has cut off the gas supply to Ukraine to further destabilize a country on its knees financially. Ukraine is bankrupt after years of massive corruption but as usual it is the poor who suffer.

3. Please pray for Vadim and Inna who are in assembly fellowship. Vadim is an elder in the assembly and both he and his wife are very faithful. They are in an unbelievable predicament. Inna’s mother who has since died ran up incredible debt (about $12,000) which is a lot of money in Ukraine. Vadim and Inna have no money and so Rhoda and I are paying the monthly instalments to the different banks just to keep them out of court and losing their home. The house is in shocking condition and worth little. Every week we are also helping them with food, potatoes, pasta etc so that they have something to eat. Inna has taken sick and so we have had to sign her into a clinic. She has blood pressure, liver and kidney problems.

4. We are looking forward to our 11th summer conference. Rhoda and I rent accommodation for approx. 80 believers/unbelievers for 8 days starting the 5th July. Accommodation, transportation and all meals are provided free. We are really looking forward to having brethren Max McLean and Doug Yade (Ontario) with us. Do pray for the Lord’s blessing.

There is much to pray for in a trouble world but Rhoda and I really do appreciate your interest in Ukraine at this time. We do appreciate your continued prayers.

Yours in Christ,
Timothy & Rhoda