Timothy & Rhoda Sloan

1. I was rushed into a Ukrainian hospital with acute appendices and operated on. That was quite an experience. However I have since had a infection and I am still receiving treatment at the hospital.

2. The day after getting out of hospital I had the opportunity of speaking to over 1275 young people on their closing day of secondary school. Also present were 156 teachers and hundreds of parents and visitors. Long to hear of blessing in salvation.

3. Pray for the country of Ukraine. There is a so called cease fire which is daily broken by Mr Putin’s forces. Many believe we  are close to another major military offensive.

4. On July 4th to July 12th we have our 12th summer conference. Over 120 believers and unbelievers will gather and Rhoda and I will provide free accommodation, free transportation and free meals. It is a large undertaking but the Lord has blessed in the past in salvation and we look to his blessing again this year.