Chile Earthquake Update – 3.4.2010

The situation in the Concepcion area continues to be difficult for the believers. Most stores are closed because they have nothing to sell, so people are rationing their remaining food supplies. Believers in less affected areas are trying to get supplies to christians in the heavily damaged areas, but damaged roads and bridges and lack of fuel make the trips difficult. Sending supplies by bus is an option, but very few buses are serving the region. Yesterday, Dennis Hanna was able to deliver a truckload of supplies to christians successfully. The biggest danger is looting, so please pray that those who are delivering food will have safe passage. Government aid trucks have begun arriving with food and water supplies although much more is needed.

In a previous post we mentioned that a brother, Don Isidoro Mendoza, had passed away. We have since learned that he was in a small coastal town right after the earthquake inspecting a property he owned, and was suddenly engulfed by the tidal wave that hit many towns shortly after the main quake. Please pray for his wife and children, including one son who lives in Venezuela.

People are on edge as the area continues to experience aftershocks, with over 120 of them being of a magnitude 5 or greater. The believers in Chile will value your prayers for the difficult days ahead.


Chile Update 3.2.2010 – Effect on Believers

This update is made up primarily of excerpts from a summary written by David Jones earlier today.

Communications by telephone, both cellular and land-lines continue to be difficult so the following news items are still incomplete.

There is only one report of loss of life of known believers from the assemblies. Don Isidoro Mendoza passed away. The circumstances of his death are not known but it has been confirmed by his son who went to see him where he was living south of Lota.

Some halls were damaged. Two are unusable at the moment until there is an assessment made of what will be required to repair them. The ceiling in the Talca Hall fell down and some of the benches were damaged. In Santiago, the hall where the oldest assembly is located is unsafe and for the moment the plan is to use another hall where they have a branch work. Halls in Valparaíso, Gualleco, Peñaflor and Los Angeles have structural damage. The Hall in Machalí had several walls crumble, but the roof structure is mostly intact.

Dennis and Gloria Hanna live outside the city of Los Angeles, Continue reading Chile Update 3.2.2010 – Effect on Believers