John Dennison and Dan Harvey (San Luis Rio Colorado)

We are now half way through the third week of meetings and have clearly enjoyed God’s kindness to us.  We have had over 50 adults in to hear the gospel and continue to get new folks in each night.  We have a core group that comes regularly with some not missing  a night which is likely even more important.
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Shad Kember (Obregon)

Leading up to the holidays, Johnny Seed (from Carlton, Vancouver, Canada) with Ben Kember had 3 weeks of children’s and gospel mtgs. in the garage of a house in Nueva Palmira. Nearby live unsaved relatives of believers in the assembly here in Obregon. After the holidays, they resumed these mtgs. and are encouraged with the attendance of some of these relatives plus others. Please pray for blessing on this new work in the south part of the city. Continue reading Shad Kember (Obregon)

Tim Woodford (Hermosillo)

We would request your prayers for a sister in the assembly here. Elia Mondragón has recently been diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Though not very common, it is a very serious ailment, which has left her heart with grave damage and her lungs at a greatly reduced capacity to function. Her outlook is not good, and the only options are experimental treatments, which are limited here. She has 2 young daughters who come to the meetings, but a husband who is strongly opposed to all things pertaining to Christianity. Please pray for Elia and her family in this time of need, that God’s purposes would be accomplished in it all. Continue reading Tim Woodford (Hermosillo)

Paul Thiessen (Zapopan)

December 2010 came to a close with smiling faces and thankful hearts as we scanned the “official” building permit for the hall here in Zapopan. Living in the city means, of course, following city building codes and zoning laws. No problem, right? A believer should always be more than willing to following the law but sometimes the waits, line ups, and exceptions to every clause and rule seem almost endless and all but impossible to fulfill.

Paul left this AM for a short series of gospel meetings with Jason Wahls in El Barril, SLP. The meetings will be Monday-Friday in the late afternoons. Jason and Shelley are living in Zacatecas, which is a 40 minute drive from El Barril.

Next Sunday the assembly in Zapopan celebrates 2 years meeting formally as an assembly. Over the 2 years, 8 people have been added to the fellowship and several baptisms have been held as well. We are looking forward, in the will of the Lord, to finishing and moving into the new hall during 2011. Most Sunday evenings the little tin hall has about 60-70 people in.

On the 30 and 31st of December, several of the believers gathered each day to pass out 2011 Good News Calendars, a VIA magazine and an invitation to the hall. Almost 2000 were given out door to door in the area surrounding the hall. Several calls came in during the weekend and a couple visited the hall on Sunday as a result of their invitation.