John Dennison (Phoenix)

Phoenix, Arizona:

The West Phoenix Spanish assembly and the Sunnyslope English assembly are joining together to plan a Seed Sowers distribution December 26-31. Sunnyslope has purchased a new hall located five miles from the West Phoenix hall. We are preparing 100,000 packages with both English and Spanish texts and invitations. Continue reading John Dennison (Phoenix)

John Dennison (San Luis Rio Colorado)

San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico:

We are thankful for a core group of believers who attend faithfully and have a keen interest in the Scriptures and in sharing the gospel. We are also thankful for the approval of visas for Dan and Joan Harvey. They are living in Yuma, AZ so their children can get the education they need and they drive 25 minutes to SLRC for each meetin Continue reading John Dennison (San Luis Rio Colorado)

Marcus Cain (Hermosillo)

There are a few believers in the Hermosillo assembly who have unsaved spouses and we would value your prayers for their salvation:

Carlos’s wife Lupita usually attends once a week. Pati’s husband Antonio attends infrequently. Socorro’s husband Amador is usually out once a week. Elia’s husband, José Luis, does not attend much. She is very ill with pulmonary hypertension.

Thanks for your prayers,

Marcus and Alison