Craig Saword

Irvin and Craig
Irvin is on the Right

Here are some of the prayer requests which we look to the Lord for direction, guidance & blessing!

We would ask for prayer for Irvin, a young Christian from El Rosario who started coming to the meetings 3 years ago. He has a desire to get baptized, and rarely misses a meeting except when his work intervenes. Since knowing him he has always complained of a pain in his lower back! So we took him to a private doctor who sent him out for an MRI, which showed the ureter of his right kidney had been partially blocked since birth, which caused the kidney to shrivel up, and produced the constant pain in his lower back! The other kidney is working well, so the Drs. feel it’s best to remove the non-functioning kidney, as it causes continual infections in his urinary system. Please pray for Irvin, his mother who is still unsaved, and for his sister who is interned in the convent preparing to become a nun!

Pray for Julio a Christian from El Rosario whose wife Jaquelin left him last year. Because of his employment as a private driver at the international airport, he doesn’t make it to very many meetings! He has two young children Milena and Benjamin who are devastated with the separation of their parents and showing signs of isolation, distrust, and hostility. We pray that the Lord will overrule and bring this couple back together, that the children might be preserved from the snares of the wicked one, and that there might be another job opening where Julio might be able to make it to the meetings
with his wife and the children.

Pray for the upcoming seed sowers in the town of Pasaquina from the 3rd to the 11th of January. This is our first time to have an assembly outreach in this area. For over three years we have been praying that the Lord would open the door in this town. We went to the city hall to ask for their approval, but they weren’t of much help! So from there we went to the director of the public school, as there is a large steel roofed structure at the entrance, which would be very adequate for the meetings. She said that she would have to bring our petition before the school council and have it approved before we could use the premises. (She also said that the school counsel is renewed every five years and that in the following week the new
council would be elected) Three weeks ago we received the approbation from the board to have our meetings in the school to which we were delighted! This is the second time in our years of service, to be granted the use of a public building for preaching the gospel. We pray that the Lord will be blessed, and we may see many brought under the sound of the gospel, and that the Holy Spirit of God will have true liberty to work in the hearts of men and women, convincing them of sin, righteousness, and of judgement.

I was also invited to the Hickory conference in May, and would appreciate your prayers on our behalf, that we would bring a word from the Lord for the Christians there! We feel the responsibility is great with many diversified challenges that younger Christians face in the world today!

Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to share these prayer requests with you, for your intercession before the throne of grace, that the Lord might work as He sees fit.

In Christ;
Craig and the boys