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Eleonor Mosquera – Hermosillo, Obregon, Tirocapes, El Barril

Eleonor shared an update newsletter. The text is below.

There are specific prayer requests at the end of the newsletter. Please keep the work in Mexico in your prayers!


The assembly in Hermosillo held
their fourth Bible conference from
March 16 to 18. Continue reading Eleonor Mosquera – Hermosillo, Obregon, Tirocapes, El Barril

Shad Kember (Iguala)

Hi all,

Abisai Vieyra from the assembly in Hermosillo very kindly made the sacrifice to come with me this visit (Apr 4 – 10), the fifth since last Nov. He proved to be a huge help. Great to have someone who knows the language, culture, etc. as well as how to present the gospel or teaching to new believers. He has a similar Pentecostal background to some of these, so he understands their issues. He was a help in getting a more reasonable priced hotel, tracking down a suitable apartment, as well as helping in the two house mtgs each night, and the many visits. Continue reading Shad Kember (Iguala)

Duncan Beckett and Shad Kember (Iguala, Mexico)

12/21/2011: Today Shad Kember and I are heading back from our second trip in the last 5 weeks to the city of Iguala, Guerrero. We were happy with our visit on a number of fronts. The Martinez family who is the family to our sister Alma Camilo (from the Spanish Assembly in Phoenix) insisted on us continuing to have nightly meetings in their home. This proved to be very helpful and reassuring to those that had professed a month ago. Also they invited other family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Continue reading Duncan Beckett and Shad Kember (Iguala, Mexico)

John Dennison (Phoenix)

Phoenix, Arizona:

The West Phoenix Spanish assembly and the Sunnyslope English assembly are joining together to plan a Seed Sowers distribution December 26-31. Sunnyslope has purchased a new hall located five miles from the West Phoenix hall. We are preparing 100,000 packages with both English and Spanish texts and invitations. Continue reading John Dennison (Phoenix)

Shad Kember (Obregon)

Recently, the work in Obregon got a boost from a nearly 2-week visit by Shad and Cynthia Sluiter and family and other young folks with them. They, and others of the local young people, used pop-up tents for outdoor children mtgs., sometimes as many as three per day. Dee Deblock, helped by others is continuing these twice a week, with good attendance and interest. Continue reading Shad Kember (Obregon)

Shad Kember (Obregon)

Leading up to the holidays, Johnny Seed (from Carlton, Vancouver, Canada) with Ben Kember had 3 weeks of children’s and gospel mtgs. in the garage of a house in Nueva Palmira. Nearby live unsaved relatives of believers in the assembly here in Obregon. After the holidays, they resumed these mtgs. and are encouraged with the attendance of some of these relatives plus others. Please pray for blessing on this new work in the south part of the city. Continue reading Shad Kember (Obregon)